Wednesday Bible Study

On Wednesdays, we meet in the church’s fellowship hall at 12 noon
and in the sanctuary at 6:30 p.m.
At the 6:30 session, classes are available for all ages.
The adults meet in the sanctuary and our youth meet downstairs.
Journey with us…
Our new Bible study begins Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Staying Strong in a Hostile World


Textbook:  Daniel   Staying Strong in a Hostile World by David Helm

How can we remain faithful to our God in a world that rejects Him?


Our Study includes:

Lesson 1                     Babylon: Surviving and Thriving                        Daniel 1-2
                                     PDF                 MS Word
Lesson 2                     Faithful in the Fire                                                Daniel 3
Lesson 3                     Humbled and Restored                                        Daniel 4
                                     PDF                  MS Word
Lesson 4                     Who Rules? Kings vs. God                                  Daniel 5-6
                                     PDF                  MS Word
Lesson 5                     One Like the Son of Man                                      Daniel 7
                                     PDF                   MS Word
Lesson 6                     Daniel’s Prayer                                                      Daniel 8-9
                                     PDF                   MS Word


Lesson 7                The Final Vision                                          Daniel 10-12

                                                    PDF                 MS Word


We will engage these lessons by using Helm’s suggested method of study:

  • Our goal for each lesson is to uncover the meaning of the passage and see how it fits
       into the “big” picture of the Bible.
  • We will break the ice by with a “talkabout” as he calls it.
  • We will continue with investigation and exploration.
  • We will seek to learn how to apply the lesson to our daily lives.
  • We will pray and encourage each other.

Join us as we strive to remain faithful and courageous in our world!


You can retrieve the lessons from our website or a copy will be given to you each week.  You may also choose to receive the copy for the forthcoming week.