Wednesday Bible Study

On Wednesdays, we meet in the church’s fellowship hall at 12:30 p.m.
and in the sanctuary at 6:30 p.m.
At the 6:30 session, classes are available for all ages.
The adults meet in the sanctuary and our youth meet downstairs.
Journey with us…


Our next Bible study begins on Wednesday, April 17 at our noon day
and evening Bible studies. Our topic for the next eight classes will be
“A Walk thru the Life of Joseph: The Power of Forgiveness”
Genesis 37-50
April 17              Lesson 1: Introduction and a Family Fiasco                 Genesis 37
                                 .PDF                      MS Word
April 24              Lesson 2: Rise and Fall, Round Two                            Genesis 39
                                 .PDF                      MS Word
May 8                Lesson 3: Contact with the Court                                  Genesis 40
                                                         .PDF                        MS Word
May 15            Lesson 4: When the Time is Right                            Genesis 41
May 22              Lesson 5: Heart Check                                                  Genesis 42-43
May 29            Lesson 6: An Open Door to a New Life                         Genesis 44-45
                    June 5               Lesson 7: The Still-Promised Land                                Genesis 46-47
June 19             Lesson 8: Legacy and Conclusion                                 Genesis 50
                       June 26             The lesson will be a summary of our walk through Joseph’s life.
Please read the noted chapters prior to class. We will discuss the Scriptures, engage in discussions,
and use case studies that pertain to each lesson. Join us for an exciting study. We elicit your input and
pray God blesses you through our journey. Regardless of our thoughts, as always, the Word of God will
be our ultimate authority.