Sunday Morning Bible Study – Teens

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“A Time for Courage”
This unit challenges students to begin to understand
  • how to establish the highest moral standards for their lives
  • how to trust God with negative consequences to positive stands
  • how to take a consistent stand for the truth
  • how they will need to demonstrate perseverance in many situations.
Students will study Old Testament characters like Daniel, Jeremiah, Esther and Nehemiah.
May 2: Daniel’s Dilemma
Bible Basis: Captive Hebrew youths stand for purity
(Daniel 1:1-8; 5:12- 14). A call to purity (1 Peter 1:15-16)
Bible Truth: The highest moral standards should mark the daily life of the believer in God.
Lesson Aim: Students establish the highest of moral standards for themselves
May 9: Jeremiah’s Stand
Bible Basis: The message of truth results in opposition
(Jeremiah 1:1, 7, 17-19; 37:6-8, 13-15)
Bible Truth: Uncompromising truth is a characteristic of the Christian life.
Lesson Aim: Students take a consistent stand for truth regardless of others ’attitudes toward them.
May 16: Esther’s Courage
Bible Basis: Esther shows courage in the king’s court
(Esther 3:8-11; 4:9-16; 5:1-3; 8:5-8).
Bible Truth: Faith involves courageous risk-taking.
Lesson Aim: Students have the courage to identify themselves as Christians, even in situations where that may not be popular.
May 23: Nehemiah Finishes the Job
Bible Basis: Nehemiah’s resolve to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem brings ridicule
(Nehemiah 2:11-19) and success ( 6:15-16).
Bible Truth: Faithfulness in service is a mark of the mature Christian.
Lesson Aim: Students exhibit perseverance in their service for the Lord.